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Wild + Free Sessions

It’s hard to explain why I love Wild + Free sessions so much, and I will definitely let the visuals do the talking in just a moment, but I just want to say lots of people tell me, “Oh gosh, I could never have photos at home; my house is a mess!”.

Firstly, all families houses are a bit of a mess because, children. Next!

Second, those Instagram houses aren’t real, and furthermore, I’ve actually broken up with Insta at the moment. Too much pretend perfection for me, so seriously, forgeddaboutit!

Third, I don’t know about you, but I always prefer not to try to leave the house with my kids if I don’t have too particularly when I’d like them to stay relatively clean. Because, children.

Fourth, home is where the heart is, you know? As cliche as that sounds, it’s true. There’s something special about sitting in YOUR favourite chair, with the blanket your friend crocheted you, by the window where you watch your kids play outside, and having all of that captured just as it is. That messy, crazy young-kids life is so fleeting and I really think we will miss it when it’s gone. I’ve captured enough tweens and teens to tell you they do lose some of that spirit in front of strangers, and it’s best to document it while you can. I doubt you’ll look back and think “Gosh, I wish I had more posed-in-the-park photos!” 😉 My Wild + Free clients demand more from me and I run around to deliver an authentic snapshot of family life.


Here’s just some of the edits from the recent Wild+Free sesh at the Kwong family home. 


Those eyes, amirite?! Amazing little souls.

Wild + Free sessions are available on weekends only. 1.5-2 hours of camera time at your home and 50 high res edits (chosen from an online gallery of 100+ images) delivered via beautiful keepsake USB are all included in your $450 investment. Get in touch on Facebook or via email to book the session that will change the way you view family imagery.