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Muse: Wilder


Muse: a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

My beautiful friend Alison was the reason I picked up the camera again in any sort of official capacity three years ago. I worked years ago as a studio children’s photographer, in film (in the olden days!), but I got pretty disillusioned with that work pretty fast, and said I would NEVER work professionally again. Whoops. Take it from me, kids, never say never, lol! Turns out, working for yourself is completely different, who knew?! 😉

It was the beginning of her micro business Boris and Stasha that was my muse and it has continued to be musealicious since! Ali has morphed from crocheter to knitter to knitwear designer with an amazing eye in just 6 short years. It’s impressive, to say the least, particularly given she’s just taught herself from youtube (who does that?! and makes it into a viable business?!).  I’ve always been a bit of a fibre geek and interested in natural fibre and homemade, small business items, and so it’s very natural for me to feel inspired by Ali’s seriously incredible work. I never tire of stitches, fibre, new designs and styling. I love to capture her knitting as well!

Anywaaayyy, our latest collaboration has been on her new design, Wilder. A beanie that can be worn two ways, tall or folded, it has the most delicious texture as a result of combining different stitches in a way that I’ve never seen before (and I’m now a bit of a knitwear geek as a result of our working together so often!). We went into the city for a bit of an urban session with her two little loves, Violet and Hugo, and we found some gorgeous walls to use to showcase her amazing work.

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The Wilder pattern is available on Ravelry along with many others, too. Get your knitters on it! The best way to get your hands on some delicious Boris and Stasha is just to follow along on Facebook and Instagram. We have a Facebook group for knitwear spamming and buying and selling secondhand. Occasionally she pops ready to ship items in her Etsy shop, too. Wilder will be another huge hit; congratulations Al on another incredible piece of work!


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