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Mommy and Me

You know how sometimes you meet someone, who is so full of life and joy and you just want to be their BFF?! That’s Brandy. She booked a mini for herself and her little love, which went through three bookings before we managed to do it thanks to her rescheduling, then me rescheduling, and then the weather! We felt doomed! But when we finally made it, they were the cutest and funniest ever! I spent the whole session laughing, then I quietly giggled to myself as I processed their imagery and I just can’t even explain how much I adore them. Brandy is half American, half Australian Indigenous, which as you will see is a stunning combination, and her Kentucky accent combined with her laidback Aussie attitude makes her basically my favourite person ever (sorry everyone else!). And her little love is so sweet and funny…. I just can’t with the words anymore! Pretty pictures, explain for me!


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This is my top secret fairy glen location in stunning golden hour (so, evening) light which gives everything a beautiful apricot tone. LOVE.

Brandy also left me this review on my Facebook page:

“Cat was an absolute pleasure to work with. She helped me feel relaxed and engaged with my daughter without feeling too posed. Our session with her felt less like a photo shoot, and more like a casual catch-up with a friend. She truly captured my bond with my daughter and helped me see things in myself that I would have never seen. She showed me that I wasn’t just the frumpy, overweight, tired mum that I felt inside. Instead, in her photos, I saw a beautiful mum who loves her daughter fiercely and counts every moment with her as a blessing. I was so blown away with our photos that I ended up buying almost the entire lot, which were very fairly priced I might add! We don’t have a lot of room in our family budget for extras, but our session with Cat was worth it 200%. I absolutely would book with Cat again in a heartbeat, no questions asked. She far exceeded my expectations. I cannot sing her praises enough!”





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