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The Mitchell Fam


When old friends become new parents!
I met Emma and Rohin through my now husband, Scotty. I first captured them at their wedding reception a few months later, as I always had a camera in hand and they didn’t have their photographer for the end of night. We became firm friends and had lots of fun diving adventures together until they abandoned us, I mean, moved down south 😉 when we were pregnant with our first. Well, 6 years after us they finally joined the parents club, and I was beyond thrilled when they asked me to capture some family photos for them with their little love Samantha on a visit to Perth. I suggested we go to the park in East Perth where they got married and had photos taken, and gosh, it was so lovely and special to go back there with them! I absolutely loved this session and gorgeous spot, and I’m super keen to capture more families here, as there are so many interesting options.

With all that basic intro out of the way, can we talk about this stunning rubenesque cherub child?!

I. Cannot. Even. Deal. The curls; those baby blues; her moody and happy faces. It’s too much. Also, the absolute best part…. she is not quite walking but also doesn’t crawl… she’s a bum shuffler!!! If you have never experienced a bum shuffling baby you are seriously missing out. I just can’t cope with how amazing she is. What a divine little human. Obsessed with her incredible self. I love my job! Enjoy.


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