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5 ways minis are awesome

Mini sessions are a bit of a passion of mine. Photography fees vary a lot between people, as they do in any market and I like to think I’m in the middle.

I hope my prices are affordable for most, perhaps with saving up for a month or two, but there is always going to be a certain section of society that will never experience the privilege of paying for a full custom photography session. There will always be more important things to spend that money on. I’m familiar with these families because as a teacher I have worked with some families in really difficult times, and taught some at-risk kids. So. I’m passionate about mini sessions because at $90, just about anyone can save up to afford one of them, and I work really hard to make sure I deliver some great photos in that tiny session.


5 way minis are awesome:

  1.  Short and sweet for toddlers who, unless you’re at home, will usually only be chill on location for about 15 minutes.
  2.  Having said that, everyone loves a short and sweet session on location, don’t they?! *cough* Dads, I’m looking at you. 😉
  3.  You can update your photos every year at that price, getting all those crucial milestones.
  4.   5 images is perfect for grandparent photos, and again, doesn’t break the bank.
  5.   Makes an ideal gift voucher particularly for grandparents, or from a mothers’ group to a friend.


Jane’s Mini

This is gorgeous Jane from Beloved Birth and her beautiful family (including a sneaky bun in the oven!) and one of my favourite minis. We took a walk around one of my favourite locations about 6 months ago, now. They are just the most wonderful parents, and their love and connection just shined through. Here is a small selection of their imagery:

(click on the images to scroll through them individually)


Here’s what Jane had to say about her mini:

“We thoroughly enjoyed our session with Cat @ LHP and we now have the most beautiful photos of our family to treasure. Cat makes you feel at ease immediately with her warmth, sense of fun and bounty of creative ideas. I would recommend her services to anyone! My heartfelt thanks to you Cat for capturing these very precious moments in time.”

Thank you, Jane! You can read more of my 5 star reviews on Facebook.


A few FAQ:

Is a mini session ever going to be as good as a custom session?

No, probably not. There is only so much one can do in 15 minutes, and I limit the family size to 4 people (or 5 in special circumstances) for this reason. It can take 10 minutes to relax a large family, and then we have 5 minutes of capturing time left! I will always recommend a longer session if your budget allows, but when it doesn’t, a mini will get the job done, for sure. I work hard to make sure you’re happy!

Why are minis only every 1-2 months?

To keep the price down, I book at least 3 mini sessions back to back, so that I am compensated for my time and services appropriately. This means that I usually do 3-10 mini sessions back to back every 6 weeks or so. But. If you have a couple of friends who want a mini, you can organise your own group of 3 mini sessions at your own custom location and I’ll run some just for you! Sometimes people book 2 minis: one for family photos, then have grandparents show up for some more photos. This is totally fine!

Why aren’t minis appropriate for newborns?

Mini sessions are tightly scheduled, with no wait time. Newborns sometimes need some time to settle down, particularly on location, or feed (and mama may not want their entire session to be feeding photos!), be changed etc and there is just no time during mini sessions. I prefer to capture newborns at home in their safe spaces, where they’re likely to be far more relaxed, and so are their family. Quite simply, it makes for better imagery.



The next lot of minis are Saturday September 2 in Wembley Downs.
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