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The Lupica Fam


It’s no secret home sessions are my jam. People are more relaxed, and we’re less rushed. There are no random strangers walking past or in the back of your shots. The kids can get snacks and go potty as they need too. It’s just all round, THE BEST. This was an extra special home sesh for the Lupica fam because they’re dozing their beautiful old house to make way for a new one that will suit their needs better. It’s happy and sad and bittersweet and Tenille really wanted to capture their old home just a few weeks before it came down. The house is like a 5th subject in this home session, so you will see lots of extra detail there.



We started in the beautiful master bedroom with its stunning ceiling and chandelier that Tenille especially wanted to capture, and can you blame her? It’s gorgeous!



We hung out at the front of the house and played, and Mason ignored Mama as she called him for a cuddle which was arguably one of the funniest parts of our session!



We did some portraiture on the front steps too which resulted in my favourite snaps from the session including Hugh showing me his lunges…



We played out back and captured the gorgeous fruit trees that have been a big part of living in this house…



We finished back inside, reading some books. Mason was ready for his nap so I left them to it. Such a beautiful fam, in a gorgeous house! I can’t wait to go back and see the new one  in a couple of year’s time.




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