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8 reasons to have a herbal bath


Newborn herbal baths. Oh my gosh, my ovaries. I think they are possibly my absolutely favourite thing ever to capture. It’s usually just me squished into the corner of a bathroom, while mama and bebe enjoy a beautiful relaxing bonding session and it’s just too divine.


Why have a newborn herbal bath?

  1.  It’s a perfect bonding session just for mama and babe.
  2.  It’s a relaxing, post-partum treat for mama, particularly if birth was traumatic.
  3.  The herbs are healing herbs perfect for sore perineums and bellies.
  4.  It’s the most beautiful, calm way to get authentic newborn imagery.
  5.  It’s a way wonderful way to establish a positive association with bathing for babe.
  6.  You needn’t leave the comfort of your home or do anything special.
  7.  I do some family lifestyle shots before or after too, so it’s like a 2-for-1!
  8.  You’ll want to channel these calm, quiet moments during toddler bath tsunamis 😉


We’ve established I’m not great with the words and things 😉 so I’ll just let some images do the talking, and then answer a few pre-booking FAQ.


Beautiful Arwen with darling baby Finn at 5 days old:



When is the best time for a herbal bath?

I’ve done toddler baths, so literally anytime but for newborn herbal baths, 5-10 days old is ideal, if mama had a vaginal birth. At 5 days old, things are starting to settle down a little for mama, and baby’s cord stump has fallen off. By 10 days old, baby is really starting to wake up, and you may not get that gorgeous sleepy look. If mama had a caesarean birth then wound care must be taken into consideration, and generally we wait a month post-birth. Check with your care provider. Newborn baths tend to be 10-20 minutes long (but often feel longer and more relaxing for mama) which is worth mentioning (it’s a not long soak, basically).  Below I share gorgeous Sara and one month old baby Tiago.


I’m not too sure about body photos a week after I’ve given birth?!
I feel you, mama. Hopefully the  images in this blog make you feel better, as it’s so subtle and elegant under the water, particularly with herbs, too, and not much is really seen. Also, love that amazing body that grew a human! You earned those stripes. If you’re really concerned, we can do a type of milk bath. They’re not my favourite thing to do with newborns as often it can make their skin appear pinker or yellower, take away from their cuteness, hide their hands and feet under the opaque water, and we also don’t want them swallowing it, but we can make it work if we need too.

Milk baths are amazing for maternity though!


I don’t have a super nice/big bathroom though?

Really nice bathroom not required. We barely see any of it anyway. What IS required is some light. The better the light, the better your imagery. I’ve only had one herbal bath imagery I’ve not been thrilled with due to a very small, very high up window and sincere lack of light. Choose the time of day that light pours in your bathroom for best result. Bathroom size isn’t a huge concern anyway since herbal baths tend to be close up. I’ll use a wide angle lens to get more in the frame if necessary. If you really think your bathroom won’t work, I suggest asking a friend or family member. Most would be honoured for us pop around and commandeer their bathroom for half an hour.


More detailed information is provided upon booking also. Now, enjoy gorgeous Sara and one month old Tiago:


Lastly, divine Ali and squishy baby Jacob:


Bath sessions – newborn herbal, maternity, toddler or family baths – include a bath, and a short family and lifestyle session in an hour or so, and 25 high res images delivered via keepsake USB for your $325 investment.

Get in touch to book or buy a gift voucher 🙂


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